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  1. MPW_Fanboy

    Paul Green - OUT!

    Enough is enough as far as I’m concerned. I thank Paul for what he has done for our club. He was at the helm for our first ever premiership, and for that I am forever grateful. However that being said, it is time for the club to look in a new direction. Paul Green has shown for nearly 2 years...
  2. MPW_Fanboy

    Matt Scott - Thank-you for your service and enjoy retirement!

    Thumper - your service to this club has been exemplary and you will go down in cowboys folk law as a club legend. However that being said, you’ve clearly passed your used by date. Without lambasting you too much, unfortunately it is clear to see age has caught up with you and you no longer can...
  3. MPW_Fanboy

    Your 2019 QLD side

    Thought it would be nice to have something distract us that is the shit show of our season. A month into the season, what’s your origin 1 side look like if you had to pick it today? 01. Ponga 02. Gagai 03. Morgan 04. Chambers 05. Oates 06. Munster 07. DCE 08. Arrow 09. Friend 10. Papalii 11...
  4. MPW_Fanboy

    2019 NRL Supercoach

    Apologies if this has been posted in the wrong section, I just thought it’d have more of a reach being posted in here. Anybody interested in joining a supercoach comp for members on this forum? Preferably people who’ll play the entire season and not just give up after the first few weeks. Find...
  5. MPW_Fanboy

    Your round 1 line up

    In light of recent events, I thought it’d be good to move on and look ahead to the season. Spots have suddenly opened up and there’s more than one way to skin a cat so am interested to see how people are thinking with regards to our line up now that we’ve gotten rid of he who shall not be named...
  6. MPW_Fanboy

    Pre match pub for grand final?

    Would be great to organise a pre match pub for cowboys supporters to have a beer before the game, and then march together as one to ANZ stadium as a huge group. I'm not particularly savvy with sydney, so somebody else who's more familiar with the place, feel free to recommend a pub. I know...
  7. MPW_Fanboy

    Tickets for semi final vs Cronulla

    These will go like hot cakes. Passwords should be sent out tonight to members. I'm not a ticketed member, so would a ticketed member that isn't using their allotted tickets email me their password so I can purchase them tomorrow? I suppose this thread can serve purpose to all the others on...