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  1. Stido

    2019 Recruitment and Retention Thread

    Tigers were terrible, wouldn't be hard to look good in that game.
  2. Stido

    MVP 2019 Round 6 Cowboys (A) v Warriors

    3 points - Josh McGuire2 Points - Michael Morgan1 Point - Gavin Cooper Hidden content Great attitude, hopefully continues.
  3. Stido

    2019 Recruitment and Retention Thread

    Injury prone in the past is one of them (& a big one). The other is that I genuinely think he is a 500k player at this stage.
  4. Stido

    2019 Recruitment and Retention Thread

    I wouldn't pay over $500k for Gutherson.
  5. Stido

    Match 2019 Round 6 Cowboys (A) v Warriors - Teams & Discussion

    The Medi-Cab can't come on the field until play is stopped can it?
  6. Stido

    MVP 2019 Round 5 Cowboys (H) v Storm

    3 points - Jordan McLean2 Points - John Asiata1 Point - Francis Molo Hidden content Played with much more intent on Friday
  7. Stido

    CBD stadium

    About 80% covered mate.
  8. Stido

    Match 2019 Round 4 Cowboys (H) v Raiders - Teams & Discussion

    A lot of what has been said about our forwards get trotted out every year. We have a big pack and it normally takes us 4, 5 or 6 weeks for our forwards to get match fitness. What I'd like to see this week; Better attitude. Hit the line in attack with some venom. We are often getting the ball...
  9. Stido

    Time for a strike centre?

    We've got Murray Tualagi who plays wing but could go OK at centre I think and Kurt Wiltshire coming through. Both have talent, are only 20 and are promising options. Murray is a lovely young fella.
  10. Stido

    MVP 2019 Round 3 Cowboys (H) v Sharks

    3 points - Josh McGuire2 Points - Jordan McLean1 Point - John Asiata
  11. Stido

    2019 Recruitment and Retention Thread

    Holmes Is Where The Heart Is.:finger:
  12. Stido

    MVP 2019 Round 1 Cowboys (H) v Dragons

    3 points - Michael Morgan2 Points - Jason Taumalolo1 Point - John Asiata Hidden content They were outstanding.
  13. Stido

    CBD stadium

    It will be done.
  14. Stido

    Options for Streaming of Cowboys games?

    This may be of assistance to some. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/444262
  15. Stido

    CBD stadium

    The Stadium will be the catalyst for major works to that side of the river. You can view on the Council website https://www.townsville.qld.gov.au/building-planning-and-projects/council-projects/priority-development-area There will also be some parking that will be close by at the Concert Hall...
  16. Stido

    2019 Recruitment and Retention Thread

    cough 'Darius Boyd' cough:p:D
  17. Stido

    Offseason Discussion thread

    Like Bolts punishment by the NRL or not, the NRL had to start somewhere and Bolts was it. I've got no problem with it as long as that is the benchmark now.
  18. Stido

    Match Sunshine Coast Trial vs Gold Coast Titans

    I ended up logging into the NRL site on the TV and could watch it OK. Just not at full screen but not too small either.
  19. Stido

    Offseason Discussion thread

    He will have a future here in the halves but needs patience. He's only just starting on his NRL journey. IMO not rushing him will do more good than harm.
  20. Stido

    Match Sunshine Coast Trial vs Gold Coast Titans

    Does anyone know how to livestream the game on a TV at full screen without connecting a laptop? I tried mirrorcasting from my phone &, logging the TV into the NRL site but neither work. It's a smart TV btw.