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  1. Desert Qlder

    A Very Cowboy Christmas

    Drink up all, here's to back to back in 2016!
  2. Desert Qlder

    Kyle Feldt

    Now it probably seems unfair to single out one player for special attention after a Grand Final win. But I thought it necessary in Feldt's case. Seemingly in the blink of an eye, this player has turned into one of the best wingers in the game! I have been genuinely shocked at the rapid rate...
  3. Desert Qlder

    Robert Lui Tweet

    Could be completely harmless, but a very poor look regardless. Silly boy Robert Lui. Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-league/league-news/cowboys-look-into-controversial-tweet-20130428-2imsh.html#ixzz2RtD0A3NX
  4. Desert Qlder


    I present to members numerous uncertainties for the coming season. Do your best to answer these: 1. Assume for a moment Lui is favoured to start the season at halfback. How then does the club use Michael Morgan? Does he go back to Qld Cup or can he command a bench position as a utility? 2...
  5. Desert Qlder

    Favourite Win of 2011

    Abusing my Victorian Government job as allowed me to re-view some of our top victories of the season last. My personal favourite was the win in Newcastle. There was a great amount of character in that win against what has been a troublesome side for us in the past. To do it on their home...