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  1. Jagjaxon

    The most single handed dominant cowboys performance?

    while watching a 2011 game vs the raiders Tariq Sims put in a helluva performance and made me think, who has had the best cowboys performance ever in one game? JT definitely has had a bunch of course, but off the top of my head the Warriors game in NZ 07' he and Matty Bowen (who arguably may...
  2. Jagjaxon

    First time townsville visit

    Heading up to townsville for the round 4 match vs panthers. Just want to get a fair idea of where to book an airbnb close to the airport or stadium itself and the best place to sit at 1300 smiles Any help would be appreciated
  3. Jagjaxon

    Forgotten Cowboys

    Name a forgotten cowboy who could've made a good contribution or did and comment on them. I'll start, Will Tupou I thought he was good and getting better as well. He was still young when he left and was improving defensively which was his biggest weakness in his game. He had great footwork and...
  4. Jagjaxon

    Grand Final photo thread

    post your big day photos here guys
  5. Jagjaxon

    2005 vs 2015

    Thought it'd be fun to compare the two teams against each other. I had a go at naming what I think would be a full strength 05 team. Let me know who your preference is in each role Matt Bowen vs. Lachlan Coote Ty Williams vs. Kyle Fedlt Josh Hannay vs. Justin O'Neil Paul Bowman vs. Kane...
  6. Jagjaxon

    Jobs, Lifestyle & Living in Townsville / NQ

    Hello all. As you may or may not know I myself am a NSWelshman but am fanatic about the cowboys. Living on the central coast since I was born and am soon looking for change and was looking for advice on where to go. I am looking to possibly live in Townsville or surrounding areas. Just curious...
  7. Jagjaxon

    Life in NQ

    I am currently 18 years old and looking to do a bit of traveling around australia (eventually europe etc.) and as a huge cowboys fan I obviously want to spend quite some time in north Queensland during footy season just wondering what its like there accommodation wise and jobs in the hospitality...
  8. Jagjaxon

    NRL Auckland 9's Competition Line Up

    As the title asks, what would your Auckland 9's team be? I'd personally have JT (self explanitory) JT3 - Speed Strength and skill all valuable attributes in this type of game JT2 - same as above Gavin Cooper - Strong line runner good at reading defence Fedlt - Speed on one of the flanks...
  9. Jagjaxon

    North Queensland Cowboys relay team

    Who would your hypothetical north Queensland cowboys relay team consist of? 1.Bowen 2.Ulugia 3.Parker-Walshe 4.Winterstein
  10. Jagjaxon

    Sporting Life Outside the Stampede

    just out of curiosity does anyone play any codes of footy on the forum? last season i played both codes in Union and League i played halfback for league and never really settled in Union i started in the centers moved to fly-half to halfback to fullback
  11. Jagjaxon

    2012 Most Effective Bench

    Assuming our strongest and starting foward pack is: Front Row: Scott Payne Tamou Second Row: Sims Johnson Cooper we have left fighting for the bench spots: Utility: Jones, Lui, Morgan, Parker-Walshe, Segeyaro, Thompson Front Row: Bolton, Hall, Harlen, Haywood, Hoare, A Sims, Thorby...
  12. Jagjaxon

    Juniors to watch out for

    Hey guys any new juniors to keep an eye out for next year?:woot:
  13. Jagjaxon

    The Last Center

    Lets settle this once and for all, i'm sure no one is game enough to go through pages of everyone's predicted teams to count up their opinions. who gets the last center spot assuming Tate gets the right?
  14. Jagjaxon

    How your team has recruited for 2012 - The North Queensland Cowboys

    North Queensland Cowboys What they’ve gained: Rooster Kane Linnett and Queensland residents prop Luke Harlen, while star Toyota Cup five-eighth Michael Parker-Walshe has been promoted to the first-grade squad. What they’ve lost: Queensland Origin centre Willie Tonga, plus their 2010 rookie of...
  15. Jagjaxon

    2012 Rnd: 1 Squad Prediction

    YES i know its quite early and we may have one more signing under our belt, YES I know we did this last year and everyone changed there squad atleast 3 times, but unlike last year I am allowing changing squads even though people disobeyed that rule last year lol. My Team: 1 Matthew Bowen 2...
  16. Jagjaxon

    International Origin Match

    Hey guys found this on facebook and thought it was interesting its similar to the NRL dream team competition but its Super League Players that previously played in the NRL vs. the international England Squad. It features many former cowboys superstars such as Willie Mason, Luke O'Donnell, + many...
  17. Jagjaxon

    2011 North Queensland Cowboys Captaincy

    http://www.cowboys.com.au/default.aspx?s=article-display&id=33975&title=cowboys-announce-2011-captaincy Matt Scott & JT co captains in 2011
  18. Jagjaxon

    NQC's Most Valuable Player in 2 - 3 Years

    who do you guys think our most valuable player will be in the next 2 -3 years time?
  19. Jagjaxon

    Fastest, Strongest, Fittest & Most Talented Cowboy

    Who do you guys think the Fastest, Strongest, Fittest & Most Talented Cowboy is? Fastest Winterstein has pretty exceptional speed that i saw in 2010 season. If not him Fai-Fai Loa but I'm sure in Bowen's better days he would have blitzed them easily. Strongest Matt Scott would probably...
  20. Jagjaxon

    What Player are you most excited to see in 2011?

    Mine would defiantly be Fai Fai Loa or Tariq Sims, hopefully these guys get a run on round 1 i think i'd put Gavin Cooper in the centers for round 1 to mark up against Inglis defensively with Fai Fai out side him. Put Sims in number 17 and Tamou to start and bring Sims in around the 20 minute...