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  1. dakapayne

    Rubbish Tip

    He identifies as an anti-vaxxer along with his Mrs. I couldn't care less if he gets the flu shot though. It's all just to appease the government so the sport gets the green light to go ahead. He got his way in the end.
  2. dakapayne

    COVID-19 / Coronavirus

    There are obvious good points to downloading the app, but I have reservations about overreaching government surveillance being the correct response to a pandemic.
  3. dakapayne

    Tv series - what are we watching?

    The director was asked if he thought that was the reason he agreed to do the doco. The director said, 'Jordan is the most self-confident individual he has ever met. He's not worried about that discussion'.
  4. dakapayne

    Tv series - what are we watching?

    The Sports Wars podcast has a good series on Shaq v Kobe. Loved it.
  5. dakapayne

    MVP Round 2 (A) vs Bulldogs - Man of the Match

    Taumalolo outstanding!
  6. dakapayne

    MVP Round 2 (A) vs Bulldogs - Man of the Match

    Coops was on track for his best game in 18 months till he forgot the Cowboys were defending. Rightly dragged.
  7. dakapayne

    Match 2020 Round 1 Cowboys (H) v Broncos - Teams & Discussion

    Only one player got embarrassed one-on-one by Fafita and that was Hess. There is not a fullback in the game that would have stopped him.
  8. dakapayne

    Match 2020 Trial #2 Cowboys v Storm - Teams & Discussion

    O'Neill was performing well before his injury in a side playing like tripe bar Feldt, Taumalolo and Molo. Give him a chance.
  9. dakapayne

    2020 Recruitment and Retention thread

    2020 is the time for a standout season for him hopefully.
  10. dakapayne

    2020 Jersey Discussion

    Yes! Only the away jersey should be changed every couple of years now. That home kit is mint.
  11. dakapayne

    Your best test cricket bowling line up. Of all time.

    1. Curtley Ambrose 2. Wasim Akram 3. Joel Garner 4. Shane Warne 5. Murali
  12. dakapayne

    Match 2019 Round 25 Cowboys (A) v Storm - Teams & Discussion

    I looked it up. It was actually 1998 where we won 4 straight and were going for 5 when flogged by the Broncos by 50 odd.
  13. dakapayne

    Match 2019 Round 25 Cowboys (A) v Storm - Teams & Discussion

    I don't see a future for Green. The Cowboys have been perennially slow starters (apart from the magic 2002 start from memory where we won 5 straight). If we are playing like pus for the first 5 or 6 rounds in 2020, as is usually the case, he won't have a leg to stand on. However he will...
  14. dakapayne

    Match 2019 Round 23 Cowboys (H) v Panthers - Teams & Discussion

    Jesus! What a terrible way to go out and a scary, scary episode for him and his family.
  15. dakapayne

    2020 Jersey Discussion

    Is Adidas the new jersey maker or is Matt an employee? I like 'em.
  16. dakapayne

    Match 2019 Round 22 Cowboys (A) v Knights - Teams & Discussion

    It's actually ridiculous that Hess is still in the centres. It didn't take a genius to work out that Ponga's speed was going to find him out. It's actually unfair on Hess and can't do anything positive for his confidence/development.
  17. dakapayne

    2019 Recruitment and Retention Thread

    O'Neill had been hitting some form before his injury though.
  18. dakapayne


    Middleweight is where most of my attention lies for obvious reasons and I can't wait for the Romero v Costa bout.