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  1. butchmcrichard

    SuperCoach 2017

    yo people Are we keen for the thommo cup once more ?
  2. butchmcrichard

    The Big Ideas's Thread

  3. butchmcrichard

    St Thurston

    TERESA WHO? Queensland Submits Application For Sainthood Of Jonathan Thurston“If you had asked me at the start of the season, mathematically, you would have got 524,160 to 1,” the Archbishop stated when asked about the chances of Thurston achieving such a magnificent year. 6 September, 2016...
  4. butchmcrichard

    Theon Greyjoy

    Hi All I was on another forum and a poster there compared Ethan Lowe to Theon Greyjoy What do you think ? Theon Have we got the beginnings of a new nick name ?
  5. butchmcrichard

    Tipping comp

    Apologies if this has been posted but are we having a tipping comp this year ?
  6. butchmcrichard


    Hi All I just wanted to say a quick thanks to all of you for making this place a great place to post Thanks to the admin in particular Cheers and see you all in Sydney
  7. butchmcrichard

    Tamou gorrrrnnnn

    In some breaking news, we understand Cowboys prop James Tamou could be out for up to nine months with a serious neck injury. "[He] will have to have an operation on his neck and is in doubt for the start of the NRL season. Best case scenario three months [and] worst case nine months," said...
  8. butchmcrichard

    Sharks lose another player for this week

    Cronulla Sharks' playing ranks get even thinner with Jonathan Wright facing three-week NRL ban Posted about 4 hours agoMon 25 Aug 2014, 3:53pm PHOTO: Wright stuffed? ... Jonathan Wright is facing an extended stint on the sidelines. (Getty Images: Fiona Goodall, file photo) MAP: Cronulla 2230...
  9. butchmcrichard

    Perhaps play some footy now

    LONG before James Tamou parted ways with his Ned Kelly-style beard on Wednesday, the Cowboys enforcer felt cleansed. Not so long ago Tamou seemed to be as vilified as Australia’s most famous bushranger. Locked away in a holding cell at a Townsville police station after being...
  10. butchmcrichard

    Bani Disgrace !

    Flicking through the team sheets for this week and I am shocked that the Raiders big off season signing Michael Bani has been left out of the top grade this week. If he isn't injured this is a bigger shock than the cowboys leaving a current international winger out of the team in favour of...
  11. butchmcrichard

    Luke Scott

    I was watching the local news last night and they mentioned that the Casino Cougars have signed ex cowboys forward Luke Scott. The report mentioned that he played 26 games for us. I have no recollection of this guy whatsoever. Does anyone else here remember him ?
  12. butchmcrichard

    Ethan Lowe

    Hi All Hope everyone is having a good offseason. Roll on March and the Titans. I cracked the other day and put a lazy 50 on us at 17 to 1 for next year. Anyway I was on the Goondiwindi Argus's website the other day (I did grade 11 and 12 there) and came accross this random article about this...
  13. butchmcrichard

    Cheap Cowboys Jerseys

    Hi All Look I am not sure if this should be posted here and I don't want to breach any rules but I thought I should let you know that online now a store run by an ex footy player (his last name is the opposite of loss) has cowboys jersey's for $88. Sorry if this is in the wrong section...
  14. butchmcrichard

    The Stig

    I finally got to see Ryan Stig on Austar last night in the trial game NEwcastle played against the Warriors. While I acknowledge it was a trial I really can't see what all the fuss has been about.
  15. butchmcrichard

    Media Bias

    It was a bitter way to bow out for a much-improved Cowboys who left everything on the field in their last-ditch bid to stay in the running for football in September. Even if North Queensland win their remaining seven games, they will not qualify for the finals...
  16. butchmcrichard

    The Run Home

    West Tigers away Necastle Home Penrith Away Brisbane Home Gold Coast Away Bulldogs Home Canberra Away Easts Home Can anyone see a win for the cowboys there ?
  17. butchmcrichard

    200 - 1

    I see the lastest odds on offer for us winning the comp this year are 200 - 1. Anybody tempted to have a lash ? For some reason I can't fathom I still think I might have $10 on it. Premiership - 2010 - WINNER - Premiership ST GEORGE-ILLAWARRA 2.75 PENRITH PANTHERS 6.50 MANLY SEA EAGLES...
  18. butchmcrichard

    Some thought

    At the end of each year the company I work for has a performance review where we check off the last years performance against key performance indicators . Seeing as we are staring down the barrel of three straight years of sub par seasons I am wondering if the Club does the same thing ...
  19. butchmcrichard


    O'Donnell not worth risk <LI class="byline first ">By David Riccio <LI class="source ">From: The Sunday Telegraph April 18, 2010 12:01AM Tough guy ... Luke O'Donnell from the Cowboys hits the ball up against the Tigers. Photograph: Scott Radford-chisholm Source: The Sunday Telegraph...
  20. butchmcrichard


    I was watching the Warriors v Panthers game this arvo and Costo mentioned that there is speculation that Steve Rapira is going to head back to the Warriors to link with his brother Sam. That would be a huge loss to the side as he, Bolton and Tamou seem like the players we can build our pack...