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    2015 Cowboys Stampede Player of the Year

    Tally Lachlan Coote - 29 Johnathan Thurston - 26 Jake Granville - 25 Ethan Lowe - 23 Gavin Cooper - 16 Kane Linnett, Michal Morgan - 13 Ben Hannant, Matt Scott - 11 Jason Taumalolo - 10 James Tamou - 8 John Asiata - 7 Kyle Feldt - 6 Scott Bolton, Justin O'Neill - 3 Rory Kostjasyn, Tautau...
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    Cowboys selected for Queensland Residents

    Congrats to Sam Hoare and Javid Bowen for their selection. Though I suspect Hoare will need to withdraw due to an upcoming Cowboys debut.
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    Round 15 (vs Knights) - Man of the Match

    Who was your pick?
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    2014 Cowboys Stampede Player of the Year

    Season Tally: 38 - Johnathan Thurston 37 - Michael Morgan 19 - Matt Scott, Jason Taumalolo 13 - Robert Lui 11 - Gavin Cooper 9 - Tariq Sims 6 - Ashton Sims 5 - Brent Tate 4 - Antonio Winterstein 3 - Rory Kostjasyn, Ethan Lowe, Matthew Wright 2 - Scott Bolton, Kyle Feldt, Anthony Mitchell...
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    Peter Sterling Wins Animal Preservation Society Award

    http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-09-13/miserable-looking-australian-fish-voted-world27s-ugliest-animal/4955094 Congrats Sterlo!
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    Cowboys Stampede Player of the Year - 2013

    Tally: Matt Scott - 28 Johnathan Thurston - 26 James Tamou - 18 Matt Bowen - 13 Robert Lui - 9 Tariq Sims - 9 Brent Tate - 9 Jason Taumalolo - 8 Gavin Cooper - 5 Ray Thompson - 5 Scott Bolton - 4 Kyle Feldt - 4 Antonio Winterstein - 4 Kalifa Fai Fai Loa - 3 Glenn Hall - 3 Dallas Johnson - 3 Joel...
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    Thanks for the Motivation

    Thought I'd start a thread for pointing out just how ignorant some of the media is when it comes to the Cowboys. Josh Massoud thinks the cowboys have a boom player named James Taumalolo...
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    Merry Christmas

    I hope you all have a great Christmas! I wish it was more often than once a year. Hopefully I get to see Santa this year. If not I'll settle for seeing Jesus and Mary and the ghost and the long eared donkey and the talking walnut.
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    End of Season Aus vs NZ Test

    Who would you pick for the end of year game between Australia and New Zealand? Noted that more injuries, end of year surgeries and suspensions may pop up. 1. Slater 2. Boyd 3. Inglis 4. Hodges 5. Tate 6. Thurston 7. Cronk 8. Scott 9. Smith 10. Tamou 11. Myles 12. Thaiday 13...
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    Couch Coach

    We all love being couch coaches (except maybe John D and his offspring who aspire to be actual NRL coaches). However I'm curious to know what are some things that other couch coaches say that you shake your head at? A few I've noticed include: 1. Dallas Johnson should not touch the...
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    London Olympics 2012

    http://www.foxsports.com.au/other-sports/cult-swimmer-eric-the-eel-moussambani-set-for-olympic-return-12-years-after-first-making-a-splash/story-e6frf56c-1226315059102 Eric the Eel is set to go to the Olympics again. This time as a coach. What a legend!
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    2012 Cowboys Stampede Player of the Year

    3 points for the player voted best by Stampede members each game, 2 for 2nd best and 1 for 3rd best. Round 1: http://www.cowboysstampede.com.au/showthread.php?10361-Cowboy-3-2-1 3. Ray Thompson - 15 votes 2. James Tamou - 7 1. Ashton Sims - 5 Round 2...
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    What sort of role best suits Thurston?

    What sort of role at halfback or 5/8 does everyone think suits Thurston? a) Organiser who plays to a strict plan (e.g. Ben Hornby) b) Play it as you see it (e.g. Benji Marshall) c) Ball runner (e.g. Braith Anasta) d) Defensive rock (e.g. Travis Burns)
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    NRL Grand Final 2011 - Manly Sea Eagles vs New Zealand Warrios

    What are everyone's thoughts about the grand final? I think Manly will win but I'll be on the Warriors bandwagon. Although if the Warriors win it means there will be one less club with the Cowboys on 0 premierships.
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    Ash Graham

    Apparently Ash Graham is very underrated. I'm guessing Christopher Boyd and Martin Smith don't watch many games of rugby league. Some of his stats are good but...
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    Former Cowboys in the NRL

    Anyone see how any of the former cowboys went last week at their new clubs? I notice Moi Moi came into the Eels squad as a late change for Carl Webb. Webb hasn't been named this week. Looks like Kearney is a fast learner!
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    Trial 1 - Cowboys vs Tigers

    http://www.townsvillebulletin.com.au/article/2011/01/29/203571_sport.html This suggests that Graham will be playing in round 1. Perhaps Thommo and Jones will be battling it out for the 2nd halves spot. Hopefully Thommo will get the nod.
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    Round 1 vs Broncos

    Anyone know when the tickets go on sale for round 1? I heard the turf is ok at Suncorp so assuming everything else wasn't too damaged I think it will still be held there.
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    Cricket World Cup

    So the Australian squad trying to win our 4th successive world cup has been named: Shane Watson, Brad Haddin (wk), Ricky Ponting (capt), Michael Clarke, Michael Hussey, David Hussey, Cameron White, Tim Paine (wk), Steven Smith, John Hastings, Mitchell Johnson, Nathan Hauritz, Brett Lee, Shaun...
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    Top 5 things you want to see in 2011

    What are the top 5 things you want to see happen with the cowboys (not other clubs or rep teams) in 2011? 1. Return to finals football. Making week 2, 3 or 4 of the finals would just be a bonus. 2. Build a formidable record at Dairy Farmers. Preferably win at least 75% of home games. 3...