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  1. Beryl AU

    What is your 2018 team?

    I'm curious what people think considering we have key players coming back from injury and a decent amount of recent signings. 1. Lachlan Coote 2. Kyle Feldt 3. Justin O'Neill 4. Michael Morgan 5. Antonio Winterstein 6. Te Maire Martin 7. Johnathan Thurston 8. Matt Scott 9. Jake Granville...
  2. Beryl AU

    What team would you like to see over the Origin period.

    With our origin players about to go into camp what team would you like to see? I wouldn't mind seeing this team - 1 Lachlan Coote 2 Matthew Wright 3 Justin O'Neill 4 Kane Linnett 5 Antonio Winterstein 6 Robert Lui (if fit) - Tom Humble? 7 Michael Morgan 8 Jason Taumalolo (if fit) 9...
  3. Beryl AU

    Unpopular Opinion on anything Rugby League related?

    Since there is no game this week and it's bound to get a little slow. I thought I'd start this thread (I've seen it on other forums and it's sparks quite a good debate). So what's your unpopular opinion (on anything Cowboys or rugby related)? *****It's fine to disagree and debate someone's...