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    Media Witch Hunt

    Buzz the old flog is at it again whining about McGuire not being suspended, he needs to build a f***ing bridge and get over it. NRL 360 Now
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    Round 5

    Coote, Winters, Linnett, Moga, Wright, Morgan, Jt1, Jason T, Cooper, Lowe, Scott, Granville, Bolton Hannant Asiata Kelepi / Hoare / Spina ? Cameron King /RKJ
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    Round 4 team

    Coote - had a crack bit of rust there will be better for the run. moga - also had a crack give him another chance. Winters - hopefully he will be back this week we need his energy in D. Linnett - had a crack but needs to do more. Feldt? - Cost us points but better than Oniell. Morgan - a...
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    Kelepi debut

    Has great potential, just needs to want the ball more did not do enough, but when he had a crack he looked dangerous.
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    karma Train

    Looks like the Karma Train made a stop at Broncos Training and picked up Darius Bennett (Boyd). Barba probably sitting back laughing his ass off. You reep what you so. Broncos arrogance has bitten them in the ass this time hahahah!
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    Paul Green's assistant coaches?

    Who are the new assistant coaches for the Cowboys in 2014 and 2015
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    Kevin Walters

    Kevin has done his apprenticeship under Bennett and Bellamy maybe he would like to come back to Queensland and coach the Cowboys. Last nights press conference showed Henry is spineless when it comes to having a go at the refs when they are bloody incompetent and cost us yet again.
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    2012 cowboys Toyota cup coach?

    Does anyone have any clues on who might be the new coach of the Cowboys under twenty team for 2012.
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    Brad Morrin

    Apparently the Dogs have released Brad Morrin does anyone think he may be worth a 1 year deal?
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    Kafusi to Cowboys

    I Have seen this on another site, can anyone confirm or deny this as i think it would be a great pick up for the cowboys if it is true.
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    Possible Changes For Round 22

    Does anyone think that "Millhouse" will change the run on team for this week i.e. Let Thurston or maybe Watts play?
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    What do you think of the current JUDICIARY SYSTEM? personally i would scrap the loading and judge each offence as a seperate incident with a fine for repeat offenders with the same style of charge, by making these changes we would cut out all this bull**** of player missing games just because of...
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    Round 21 Possible team ?

    1. Henry 2. Williams 3. Nicalou 4. Harris 5. Ty/ Josh Vaughn 6. Farrar 7. Burns (vice Captain) 8. Webb 9. Watts 10. Tronc 11. Southern (captain) 12. Harlen 13. Odonnell 14. Cashmere 15. Veau 16. Bartlett/Sione 17. Gatis/Payne The reason i picked Southern and Burns For Captain and Vice Capt. is...
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    possible side for 2009

    1, Bowen 2,Graham 3, Tonga 4, Henry 5, Farrer 6, Burns 7, JT 8,Scott 9, Payne/Amos 10,Manikafoa 11, Webb 12, L OD 13, Harris 14, Watts 15, Southern 16, Bolton 17, Kafusi ?
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    We missed out on Sika Manu who else should we look to sign for 2009 and beyond.

    Maybe get Kafusi and put Webb to second row to run a bit wider.
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    Assistant coach 2009

    Who will be the assistant coach for 2009 or the new coach for under 20,s Maybe we should try for nathan brown.
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    Pride / Cowboys Combined side

    Who would you pick from the Pride to step up to first grade. Just some names Josh Vaughn, Rod Griffin, Frizzo etc.
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    Rodney Griffin

    This guy looks promising, can bust the line and is difficult to tackle. what do you think?